Voice and data cabling is the connection between your end device such as your PC, telephone, printer or fax to the world of technology allowing it to be used in your business.

Data/Voice Network Cabling

Our Data/Voice Network Cabling includes:
• Data network cabling
• Voice cabling
• WiFi installations & configurations
• Internet/ADSL connectivity
• Server racks, patch panel install

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Network Installation

At ECNS we love everything related to network cabling (Data cabling), Network Installation, structured cabling, corporate network cabling and this results in us giving you the best service. Network Cabling Certifications play a big role in giving you a proper network installation thus we strive to send our technicians for as many certifications as possible including Maxxim, Krone, Molex etc. Insuring our technicians are certified gives us the confidence to take on any network cabling installation project.

We specialize in both home network cabling as well as corporate network cabling covering structured cabling for private homes and business. We also specialize in call center data cabling, school computer lab data cabling and data center data cabling for voice (VoIP) and data.

Structured Cabling

We also plan, manage and implement any sized network installation (Structured cabling) for office (Corporate) both both data and voice (VoIP) cabling.
We offer a 3 Year guarantee on our network cabling installations (T’s and C’s apply) so why choose any data and networking company that offers less?

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